Puppies are cute. A new puppy? Aw! They are SUPER CUTE!
You may overhear the terms “American Dream” or “British Dream” here
and there! Did you ever think what actually “American Dream” includes?
Well, the requirement varies. Few want a home with a gorgeous interior,
few want a big swimming pool and many more. But only one fact is
common for almost everyone.

A puppy!

Everyone wants a cute puppy at their house. The American Pet Products
Association (APPA) conducted a survey during 2017-2018 among US
households. That survey shows that 84.6 million US households own at
least one pet. It is almost 68% of the total US households.
The Insurance Information Institute (III) published another broader report.
They classified US households according to the type of pet they own.
According to their report, 60.2 million US families own at least one dog and
47.1 families own at least one cat!
If you also have a dream of owning a puppy for your home, get ready to
invest your time for him. Because owning a pet isn’t as simple as the
phrase looks. And most of the time things won’t go exactly as you planned.
Everyone prefers a calm puppy. But, new puppies are hyper by nature. But
becoming hyper is a natural act. You have to act smartly to control his
hyper behavior. So, let me explain 5 easy solutions to calm your new
1.  Maintain a Strict Daily Routine:
A strict daily routine may sound like military training for maximum pet
owners! But, it’s the most effective task to keep your new puppy calm and
So, try to make a daily routine whenever you bring your puppy. You need to
include time to play, eat, outdoor walk, and sleep. It will be difficult for the
first few days, but whenever your pet will become rhythmic, everything
becomes normal.
Another major consideration is having a dedicated space. Try to provide
him a specific area to sleep, wee, eat or rest. Thus, he feels safe and it
reduces his anxiousness and stress.
2.  Exercise With Your Dog:
People exercise every day to keep themselves calm and fit. So, what’s
wrong with the dogs?
Regular exercise also keeps the dogs calm. You can easily find out 10 to
20 minutes to exercise with your pet. You may start exercising in the
morning. Or take him to morning walk on the park.
It helps him to become familiar with your area. But, you should keep in
mind that still, he is new in your area. So, never lose him alone. It increases
the chance of being lost or stolen!
But, there is nothing to be paranoid if you lost your new puppy. Thousands
of lost dog finder organizations are working to help you find lost or stolen
dogs. Contact them and provide the required information. They will do the
3.  Keep Your Puppy Close to You:
Suppose you live in a small house with your family members. But one day
your uncle comes to your house and took you with him.
Your uncle may be familiar with you, but the other members of your uncle’s
family aren’t familiar for the first time. In this situation, you will always feel
comfortable to stay close to your uncle.
The same thing also goes with puppies. You are the only companion of him
at the beginning. So, it’s a common fact that he wants to be with you all the
The experts say that letting your puppy close to you is like accepting him as
a family member. It removes his nervousness and anxiousness in a new
However, stay a good distance at night. Don’t ever let him sleep on your
bed. Send him to his dedicated bed every night. It is mandatory to maintain
his daily routine.
4.  Offer Massaging:
Massaging is a good skill to calm down your new puppy. Further, it also
increases the bonds between you two. You may practice your recent
massaging methods and apply them to your new puppy.
Here I’ve listed a few simple massaging tips to keep calm your new puppy.
Feel free to try these massaging techniques –
-  Massage The Chest Area:
Rubbing the chest area is the d feelings for your puppy. Try to
massage in a circular motion on his chest. You can also gently stroke
on him. It’s very effective.
But don’t go too fast. It makes him excited instead of being calm.
- Massage On The Ears:
The ear is another sensitive area of the dogs. Dogs ears consist of
thousands of nerves. These nerves released Endorphin into the
whole body while you rub the ear.
Endorphin helps to remove depression, anxiety, and nervousness.
Massaging on the ear is pretty simple. Simply make a circular
movement of his ears. You may also put slight pressure on him. It will
make the massage more enjoyable to him. You can continue this
massage until he falls asleep.
- Massaging On The Back:
Along with massaging ears and chest, it is important to touch the
spinal area too. This massage will cover his face, neck, and spinal
You have to start with the face or neck. Rub it slowly in a circular
way. Then reach the neck and spinal cord. Repeating this process for
several times will keep your puppy calmer than before.
5.  Try The Aromatherapy:
Everyone knows that puppies have a higher scent experience than
humans. Even, they become introduced to our world, primarily by using
A soothing scent has a very calming effect on your puppy. So, you need to
consult your veterinarian to find out the perfect scent for your dog. Don’t
forget to ask which dispersal method will be safer for your puppy.

Final words:
Coping with a new environment isn’t easy. And the new environment of
your home adds more juice to become tempered. Puppies express their
intense situations by shouting, banging, or hitting on the wall.
So, always try to apply these tips to your new puppy. If you continue this
process, your puppy will learn to stay calm and consistent.