Adventure dogs make it look easy, but hiking with your dog is more complicated than you expect. If you’re looking to explore the outdoors and are planning to bring your pup with you, it’s crucial you pack a handful of specific dog-hiking supplies.

5 Essential Dog-Hiking Supplies

  1. First-Aid Kit
    You never know when your dog might end up with a scratch or splinter, so keeping a kit with tweezers, gauze, scissors, tape and canine wound disinfectant can help you stay
    prepared for whatever you might encounter.
  2. Food, Treats and Water
    Perhaps the most important item in your kit is water for your dog. Dehydration can occur on hikes, even when temperatures aren’t too hot because your dog is expending extra
    energy. Hiking is also hungry work, so make sure you’ve got extra food available for your pup. It’s also a good idea to bring treats to let your dog know when he’s being a good boy or for a quick source of energy and protein.
  3. Smart Collars (or Leash)
    Ensure your dog never runs off during a hike either by using a leash, or a smart collar capable of setting precise boundaries. Both allow your pup to wander freely within a set radius. However, if you’re more pet-tech savvy, today’s top quality smart collars use humane corrections to keep a pup close by and can also monitor your pup’s wellbeing with temperature and activity tracking.
  4. Boots
    To help protect your pup’s paws from harsh temperatures and terrain, help get them used to wearing boots and pack a pair for your hikes. Dog boots will help ensure your pup is
    comfortable, and can grip any of the terrain along the way.
  5. Poop bags or a trowel
    Help keep the trails clean by picking up after your dog. You can either use poop bags or bring a small shovel to bury their waste. Your fellow hikers thank you in advance.

Hiking is a great way to spend more quality time with your pup outdoors. Being properly prepared can make the difference between a trip spent worrying and an enjoyable excursion with your furry friend!

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