If you have children and you are thinking about getting a dog, the following factors could impact your decision. Taking into consideration that you have the commitment, time, and resources required to take care of a dog, finding the right breed is imperative.

Dogs are associated with loyalty and companionship in many different cultures. Societies tell stories and folklore about how a dog’s feelings of friendship, and their faithfulness has saved their owner’s life. If you have a small household, a dog could be the extension to the family that can help keep things cheerful and entertaining.

We are here to tell you exactly why you should get a dog. 

Dogs Are a Source of Loyal Companionship

sweet-ice-cream-photography-VHbiwW1S3Cg-unsplashWe think that the reason why dogs are so loyal to their owner is that the owner provides food and shelter. When the owner is out of sight, the dog becomes agitated. It is only when the owner returns that the dog becomes energetic once again, and the owner starts looking for ways to calm their puppy.

If you have an only child, a dog can be a good source of loyal companionship. The dog can help teach your child ethical and humane principles. For example, the dachshund, Yorkshire terrier, and bulldog are loyal and protective breeds of dog.

Dogs Help Maintain a Healthy Body

leon-liu-9ULfo9tHRPo-unsplashA dog needs physical exercise daily. A walk is one of the best ways to exercise your dog. But, a walk is not the only way to exercise. If your child has a Frisbee or ball and a park located close to home, the pet and your child can have endless fun.

Your neighbors and your child’s friends will all be curious about the dog. They will have so many questions about the dog. Your child’s friends can also participate in physical activity. The dog will keep your child, and their friends entertained, healthy, and active.

Teaches Children Responsibility

animal-child-contact-332974Your child just left a snack on the table. The dog came and ate it. Your child left one of their Premium Jackets where they are not supposed to. Your dog chewed it apart. Having a dog teaches children responsibility for their actions. The child is not only responsible for themselves, but also the dog.

Crossing the street on the crosswalk with the dog, children need to be extra careful. In the beginning, it can be a difficult transition for the child to make. As time progresses, the child will develop a bond with their pet. Their dog will look up to the child as their caretaker and leader.

Better Sibling & Family Bonding

adorable-adult-boys-341378Which child does not want a pet for their company? A pet encourages communication between siblings. If one of your children is playing with the dog, the other sibling will also want to play. Going to an aquatic park or the seaside is so much more fun with your dog by your side.

Enjoying meals together, exercising side by side, and sleeping with your pet are just some of the ways children can enjoy time spent with their dog. The presence of the dog will create memories the children will remember for a lifetime.

Dogs Protect Children

AdobeStock_188223204Dogs are instinctively pack animals. In the wild, dogs live in a social structure similar to humans as a family. Domesticated dogs still have the instinct of being in a social pack. The only difference is that now they consider their owner as their leader.

If children are the dog’s owner, this will make the dog instinctively protect the children. If children are getting homework assistance on King Essay, and somebody tries to harm them physically. The dog will physically safeguard children from harm. This form of protection can be a huge relief for parents living in precarious neighborhoods.

Improved Cardiovascular Condition


Dogs like to jump, chase, run, and bark all the time. According to this report by the American Heart Association, owning a pet, particularly a dog, significantly lowers the owner’s risk of contracting cardiovascular disease. Dogs encourage owners to be just as physically active as the dogs are, states the AHA in the article.

Dog owners are less likely to be overweight or have high blood pressure or cholesterol. The chronicle made it exclusively clear that cat owners do not have the same health benefits as dog owners. In other words, if you are thinking about getting a dog for your children, remember there will be a lot of physical activity involved, both for the dog and owners.