Did you miss Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even year-end deals on your favorite pet products?  Well great news, it’s not too late! Ring in the New Year right with the following pet products that will sure get your dog’s tail wagging!

Petzi Treat Cam - sign up for Wagz email list and receive $30 off your Petzi order!

The Petzi Treat Cam is a smart treat dispenser that allows you to see, speak, snap, and treat your pet. It uses Wifi to connect you and your pet from anywhere right from your smartphone!  Sign up for Wagz email list to get the newest updates on product launches and receive $30 off your Petzi order until 12/31! It’s a win-win!

CocoChew - Free Shipping on Orders over $30

Innovative and sustainable, CocoChew uses coconut hides to create toys for your best friend.  And here's the best part, they act as a natural cleaner for your dog's teeth! Not only are you making them happy with a new chew toy they have probably never experienced before unless they live on a tropical beach, but it also maintains their dental hygiene at the same time!  Buy now and any order over $30 ships free!

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum  - $293.74 & free shipping

Let's face it, dogs are hairy.  No matter how often you clean, it seems impossible to clean up after a dog who sheds a lot. Does this sound familiar? Well, you might be interested in something that will do the tedious task for you! Enter the SHARK ION Robot Vacuum which will solve your problem of pesky dog hair covering your floors and carpets!  On sale now, it's almost too good to pass up!

Serve Smart Feeder  - $199.00 (save $50 off retail!)

If you are like most people, you work… A TON! Which may affect your interaction with your dog and specifically your furry friend's mealtime.  To avoid missing their mealtime, the Wagz Smart Serve Feeder is a wonderful product that allows you to schedule feedings and keep them coknsistently fed the correct portion to avoid overfeeding, at the correct time to keep their schedule consistent and leave them happy and healthy.

Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher - $7.42 (42% off retail!)

Playing fetch can get tiring for you long before it does for Fido.  Thankfully Chuckit! has created a device that enables you to throw ball after ball further and with more ease.  This is also a wonderful device for the dog owners who don't want drool all over their hands after a long game of fetch.  Discounted prices make this an attractive toy for you and your pup!

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar - $79.00 (save $50 off retail!)

Keep an eye on your dog with the Link AKC Smart Dog Collar which uses GPS to track your dog wherever they may be!  Stylish and functional, this collar will keep your dog looking good while giving you the reassurance knowing right where they are at any given moment.  Check up on where they are from the Link AKC smartphone app and track their activity simultaneously. Get the best of both worlds and keep your dog safe! 

Treat your dog right this Boxing Day with these deals and get them gadgets that will give you peace of mind knowing they are safe, and toys that will get that tail wagging and bring a smile to their face... and why not save some money at the same time!?