We are proud to announce the launch of our Wagz Go Smart Door and Roam Smart Shields which we unveiled this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  These one-of-a-kind products will work hand-in-hand with our Explore Smart Collar which is also available for preorders now!  This is a huge milestone for us here at Wagz stepping closer towards providing dogs and their owners with an unparalleled system of connected smart products that will make their lives much easier!

Explore-CollarThe Wagz Explore Smart Collar is the center point of our connected system.  Allowing you to track your pet with GPS location technology wherever they are through the Wagz app.  Best Reviews says, “The Wagz Explore Smart Collar is a new way to take the best possible care of your dog, while also giving you peace of mind when you can’t be beside him”.  Additionally, electric fences are expensive and widely ineffective! The Explore Collar allows you to create Virtual Fences around specific boundaries you want to keep your pup within.  Humane corrections will keep your dog safely within the zones you set for them. “Rather than a jolting shock, your dog will receive gentle ultrasonic and vibrational deterrents when moving outside that area to keep her fenced in”, says the Gear Diary.

Go Smart DoorHave you ever been running late from work and arrived home to your dog having an accident in the house? Or wanting to make weekend plans to go out with some friends but had to say no because you needed to be home to let Fido out?  Worry no longer with the Wagz Go Smart Door. With this addition to the Wagz suite of connected pet products, you can let your dog out with a single touch through the Wagz app, or even better; schedule specific times for your dog to go out throughout the day.  Does one of your fur buddies always attempt to chase the mailman? The schedules have a one-to-one relationship with each dog of yours and pair with the Wagz Explore Smart Collar to detect which dog can go out at which times, so you don’t have to buy your mailman another new pair of pants.  “It also has a motion-sensor-activated HD video camera, so you can check in on whether that scratching at your door is Fido or an unwelcome visitor”, mentions Monica from Tom’s Guide.

Roam Smart ShieldFinally is our Roam Smart Shields which solve an age-old problem of your dog going where they shouldn’t indoors.  “The Roam Smart Shields connect with the Explore Smart Collar to establish virtual no-go zones indoors to ensure our four-legged friends stay away from places and things that are off-limits or unsafe”, says aNb Media.  Similar to the correction system the Explore Smart Collar gives your dog when they wander outside of the geo-fence, the Roam Smart Shields give vibration and audible noise to deter your dog from the area you placed the Shield.  These credit-card-sized devices are absolutely vital for anyone who hates dog hair on their favorite furniture or want to keep their dog away from potentially dangerous areas of the house.