More and more dog owners today are relying on humane sensory corrections, such as smart dog collars, to prevent their dogs from running off without the painful shocks. If you’re thinking of implementing a smart dog collar into your dog’s lifestyle, it’s important to first learn how to help your dog respond to these new methods.

What to Know Before Using Smart Collars

  • Protect the Neck — Your dog’s smart collar should always be tight enough that your dog can feel the vibrations, but not digging into their neck uncomfortably. A good rule of thumb is to allow space for one or two of your fingers to fit between the collar and your dog’s neck.
  • Give it a Few Days — You may want to spend a few days letting your dog adjust to wearing a new collar. Once they are comfortable, you can begin to introduce the deterrents by inducing one and following it up with a treat. This is to help your dog associate the vibration or sensory deterrent with you.
  • Listen To Your Dog — Keep an eye on your pup when introducing corrections. You’ll know that they are working when your dog begins to look at you and make associations. Once your dog is consistently looking at you after a correction is used, you can start training outside. It may require some repetition of the steps used indoors to get them to the point where they still look to you after every correction.
  • Be Patient with Your Pup — It may take a while, but eventually your dog will respond to corrections every time by looking to you. This is a good time to begin training them off leash — and don’t forget, when they look to you, reward them with a treat. Once this behavior has been solidified, your dog will know to look for you after they receive a correction, even if you are not within visible sight.
  • Let Them Explore, but Set Boundaries — You can begin to train your dog to run back to your front porch, or to run inside, by letting them venture into the yard, and making them run to you to receive a treat after they receive a correction. This way when your dog reaches the edge of their safety zones and receives a correction, they will run back to a safe area.

Hiking is a great way to spend more quality time with your pup outdoors. Being properly prepared can make the difference between a trip spent worrying and an enjoyable excursion with your furry friend!

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