On June 21, 2019, people across the world will be celebrating a very special day indeed: Take Your Dog to Work Day. Today, over 8% of workplaces in America allow employees to bring their furry companions to work, with forward thinking companies like Google even offering their employees pet insurance. Bob Vetere, CEO of the American Pet Products Association, notes that companies that allow pets at work gain “more focused employees” who are willing to put in more hours for one important reason: they feel at home in the office. If you wish to convince your boss that allowing dogs at work is easy and manageable, you might need to get your Wagz Smart Feeder ready - you could soon need it at work if you let your boss know some of many health benefits bosses and employees can reap.

The Physical Benefits of Dogs at Work

Studies have shown that having dogs nearby can lower the heart rate and blood pressure – which is particularly important for those working in high-stress fields. Dogs can also help office workers battle the effects of sedentarism. Doctors warn that going to the gym after work or working out on weekends isn’t enough if you spend various hours behind a desk. You should ideally get up various times during the day to get your circulation going. Workers can take full advantage of the health benefits of office dogs by going for a long walk with their pooches at lunchtime, instead of sitting in the office coffee room. If your office is near a park or forest, head for a lush green spot and enjoy a fun game of fetch. You will surely feel refreshed and renewed after his nature-based berak.

Giving Your Mind a Break

Research has shown that having a dog at work can significantly reduce stress levels. Scientists believe this is owed to the sense of companionship and support that dogs can bring. Dogs have an additional effect – they help bring people together, serve as an ice-breaker and  provide reason for enhanced communication. Outside the office setting, dogs are used to help people with depression, anxiety, and stress. At work, their soothing effect is equally powerful, with studies showing that they can do plenty to enhance a worker’s sense of job satisfaction.

Are There any Cons to Having Dogs at Work?

One of the cons of having dogs at work is that not all clients may be as comfortable around dogs as employees. Offices interested in going pooch-friendly should therefore have a comfortable ‘creche’ that dogs can be placed in so they do not bother clients. Rules also need to be established if everything is to run smoothly. For instance, all dogs brought to the office need to be well socialized and vaccinated. Employees need to be considerate with each other, ensuring that any ‘accidents’ are quickly cleaned up so that nobody is bothered. The number of pets that can be brought will need to be established, and structural changes may be required at your office. Any risks to dogs’ health – including electric cords, open trash cans etc. will have to be hidden and replaced (respectively) and ideally, a committee should be set up to reduce risks and enhance comfort for all those sharing a workspace.

Companies like Etsy and Amazon have paid heed to the millennial demand for pet-friendly workspaces. Having your furry companion at the office can help you feel at home and help lower stress levels. However, for a pet-friendly office to work, all employees need to be on board. Finally, clear rules should be established so that no toes (human or canine) are stepped on.