If your dog holds the same relationship with your family as mine does with ours, then you know all the benefits and happiness your dog can provide, especially during particularly stressful times.  With the holidays right around the corner, it is very important to keep a stress-free mindset as best you can and your furry friend may be your golden ticket to alleviating that stress.In fact, research conducted at Manhattanville College in New York concluded that owning a pet, and dogs specifically, made their owners quality of life better.  Dogs consistent affection is a constant reminder that life is great and to make the most out of each and every day. Not only is your best friend great for your mental health, but they also are wonderful advocates for your physical health. Even a small walk around the block once a day will keep you healthier, and your dog will gladly lead the way.  

Dog in front of Christmas Tree

It’s no surprise why there's such thing as certified therapy dogs.  Dogs are used in high-stress areas like workplaces during large projects and even college campuses during finals week to reduce stress and anxiety to make people happier.  It’s pretty amazing that they can do by just being present! Additionally, dogs allow a social interaction that many without dogs wouldn’t have. A stroll through the park could strike up a conversation with another dog owner and may lead into a friendship, and at the very least create social interaction that humans need.


It’s safe to say your dog does so much for your well-being, it is only fair to keep their health and happiness in mind also during the holidays.  Here are a couple things you can do to make sure your pup is the best they can be this holiday season:

  1. Take your dog on errands with you!  It doesn’t matter if its just to the other side of town or on a long adventure.  They will gladly love to be your copilot! But when they cant come along and be your shotgun rider, connect and play, even when you’re gone for the day with the Petzi Treat Cam that allows you to check in on your dog throughout the day to make sure they are alright, and you can even toss them a treat!

  2. Bring them along to any festivities you may be attending.  Family get-togethers, work holiday celebrations, dinner parties, friends houses, you name it, bring your dog!  Trust me, they will be much happier to be with you than back at home lonely. Just make sure to check if they are welcome first, of course.

  3. Take your dog for walks, hikes and runs!  Keep them healthy even when the temps start to drop.  It is important for your dog to stay active to reduce the risk of injury and health complications.

  4. Avoid feeding your dog people food!  Although it may seem harmless to feed your dog scraps from the Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham, their digestive systems are different than ours and can’t process the same foods we can.  Keep your best friend fed at the right time with the right portion with our Wagz Serve Smart Feeder.

Dogs are great all year round, but a wonderful thing to have around during particularly stressful times.  Just remember they give you so much, so make sure to respect their health and well-being this holiday season!