Does your best friend seem to ALWAYS find that mud puddle in the yard or on your daily walk and track it through hard-to-clean areas of your house?  Do they seem to shed 24/7-365 and completely cover your furniture in dog hair? If you can relate, keep reading!

It's sometimes hard to keep your dog show-room clean all the time, especially during mud season and when they are shedding.  Just know you are not alone! Right when you think you have vacuumed up all their hair and either gotten your fur baby groomed and/or bathed, you still find stray hair.  How frustrating! While this blog won’t stop your dog from shedding or finding the biggest mud puddle in the neighborhood, it will keep your house cleaner, I promise!

Roam Smart ShieldEnter the Wagz Roam Smart Shield!  A credit-card sized device that creates no-go zones around areas of your house you don’t want your pup going.   Say you just cleaned the couch and no matter how many times you’ve told your pooch not to jump up onto the couch, they continue to do it.  Or let's say you just cleaned the carpet after the last time your dog had a little too much fun outside and got covered in dirt. Toss the Shield between the cushions or on the carpeted area you just cleaned and BOOM, problem solved!  Our Roam Smart Shields pair with our Explore Smart Collar to send ultrasonic and vibrational deterrents to prevent your dog from climbing up on the couch or soiling your clean carpet altogether!

These Shields are a wonderful and cheap fix to a problem that dog owners have been experiencing since the beginning of time.  Not only are these a smart fix to keeping your house clean, but they also can act as a safety barrier around potentially dangerous things around your house.  “The Roam Smart Shields connect with the Explore Smart Collar to establish virtual no-go zones indoors to ensure our four-legged friends stay away from places and things that are off-limits or unsafe”, says aNb Media.  Let's say you are remodeling and a portion of your house has countless tools and sharps you don’t want to have to stow away every time you leave the house, the Shields can be a quick solution!  

Have you ever had trouble with a dog being a bit too friendly with a newborn baby or young child?  Well, worry no longer because if you simply place a Wagz Roam Smart Shield near the baby or in their crib, your dog will stay at a distance and you can relax knowing everyone is safe.

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