It is one thing to own a dog for a pet, but it is a whole different thing to take your dog through the training process. Learning and obeying basic simple commands is something that most dog owners crave for, but not all have found the perfect way to train their canine friends. It is embarrassing that your dog keeps barking at your visitors every time the doorbell rings. To avoid such situations, you must identify the perfect way to train your dog to stop barking. While a shock collar is a technique that works for some people, it is possible to train our dog without using it. Here is a guideline of how to do it:

Regain your dog’s attention

When a dog is barking at an alarming situation, say a stranger, who may even happen to be your friend, you must determine a way to remind the dog that you are in control of the entire situation. A lot of the times dogs get overprotective of their owners, which is why they respond with barking, and in worse cases, attacking, as a means to protect their owner. Therefore, the initial step of training them against this habit is to ensure that you always regain his/her attention when the barking begins. This way, the dog will slowly learn to be comfortable in new environments, letting you have a lot more control over who shows up in your neighborhood.

Stop yelling

If you hate to be yelled at, what makes you think that your dog will enjoy it? Ideally, barking is a natural occurrence in dogs, which means that acting out harshly is working against the natural behavior of any dog. Instead, start off your training with softness and affection, making your pet feel more inclined to change the behavior out of feeling love.

Establish strong communication with your dog

A dog is one of the easiest animals to bond with because they can quickly understand human communication. Whether or not you are willing to put your pet through thorough training, as a dog owner, be deliberate about establishing strong communication basis with your pet. Taking instructions like, ‘follow me, sit, come here’, among others, is a sign that you and your canine friend can communicate. At this point, it becomes a lot easier to stop him/her from barking inappropriate, just from the use of shared language.

Using treats

dogwithboneAs explained above, using love and affection as a corrective means to change behavior almost certainly works in most situations. Using treats capitalizes on the model of reward and punishment, allowing the dog to feel appreciated for taking any efforts to change the barking that you consider bad behavior. Remember that even in the brief moment compliance, showing affection through petting and offering extra attention to your pet can be a treat or reward that will reinforce the position of positive change.


Anti-anxiety supplements

Despite buying the best retractable dog leash at authentic dogs, sometimes, the whole reason why your dog may be barking so often could be because of stress and anxiety. Even though dogs have different fronts of stress than that of human beings, the kind of anxiety they undergo can cause a lot of tension internally, which will always result in barking. Alternatively consider getting anti-anxiety supplements for your dog, to ease down on the anxiety, then watch how quickly the barking habit disappears.

Give your dog attention

tabletanddogJust like human beings, dogs easily become insecure when they do not receive adequate attention from their owners. In such cases, you will notice a dog bark at frequent intervals, even when the situation is not dire or alarming. If the dog is trying to get your attention, using a shock collar will only stop the barking, but not solve the underlying situation. Instead, try spending a lot more time with your puppy, brushing, petting and cuddling with him or her, so much that they do not feel lonely or insecure once there are other people in the picture.

Use the Wagz Explore Smart Collar
For those days you need to take a walk, jog and run, tag your dog with you. Since you still must have control over where the dog runs to, consider using the Wagz Explore Smart Collar as an alternative to a shock collar. It allows you to create a virtual fencing through your phone.  Technically, the Explore Smart collar is and invisible leash technology that features a built-in camera able to transmit video to a smartphone app. This way you have access to real-time data that will help you control the affairs of your dog.