It’s no secret we love our pets.  They provide us with company, love, and affection.  That’s why to some, it’s not surprising that we spent 72 billion dollars on our pets in 2018 according to the American Pet Products Association.  The pet tech industry has exploded!  The US pet market has grown from 17 billion in 1994 to over 69 billion in 2017.  This means in just 23 years, the pet industry has quadrupled in size. To put this into perspective, each pet-owning household spends around $1,549 on their dogs and $988 on their cats annually.  This really shows our true love for our pets.

Among all the costs of owning a pet, the highest costs were vet visits and kennel boarding.  Vet visits may be necessary when a dog has health issues such as being overweight, which can occur from improper feeding and lack of exercise.  These costs can add up quickly and the worst part about them is that they can be avoided! With the Wagz suite of connected smart products, your dog can easily stay happy and healthy so you can practically avoid unplanned vet visits altogether.  The Wagz Explore Smart Collar keeps track of your dogs daily activity and the Wagz Serve Smart Feeder allows you to serve up the right portion to your pup at the right time based on their activity levels throughout the day.  Furthermore, our Go Smart Dog Door allows your dog to come and go as they please.  Don’t want them chasing the mailman? No worries, simply set schedules for your dog to go out during specific time frames so there's no need to worry about accidents in the house or your dog tearing apart the furniture while you’re gone!

70% of all American households own a pet (APPA), which is actually higher than the amount with children!  'Fur children' provide a great starting point when it comes to being responsible for something, and they require much less attention than real children!  Not that this means you don’t get to care for them like a child, but it is always a great option to test your responsibility before thinking about having kids of your own.  A survey conducted by Zulily proved that 82% of the millennial generation take dog parenting as a precursor to having a baby of their own.  And of course, contrary to having a child of your own, dogs never talk back!

The pet industry is booming and it is predicted to climb into the future.  This means more innovative breakthroughs that will really get those tails wagging!

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