We reap the benefits of sharing our bed with them and enjoying their company as we work and study. However, not all breeds are suitable for indoor environment, some because their love for open spaces and others simply because it’s not easy keeping them together with children.

If you’re planning on buying or adopting a dog, here are some of the best dog breeds to keep if you have children in your family.


These small bundles of joy are a perfect choice for those of you who live in a smaller apartment because they don’t require too much open space. However, if staying outdoors and playing around with your pet is your vision of a perfect Saturday, a Pug will follow you all the way. While a bit stubborn, this breed is also highly intelligent which makes them easy to train. They enjoy the attention and would be a trustworthy companion to your kids.


The reason why Bulldogs are an excellent choice to keep around the children is that these dogs are difficult to annoy. Even if you mess around with them more than they’d like, the only victim could be your paper essay, which is not too bad. They like to take things slowly, therefore, you don’t have to worry about them running into children and tripping them over or causing harm in any way.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small and cuddly, these dogs enjoy being held and played with. Kids will love them for their astonishing appearance and friendly, playful nature. These pups are extremely easy to train, due to their high intelligence. They also form a very strong bond with their human caregivers, which makes them loyal and unlikely to leave home on their own.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These gentle giants were originally farm dogs, intended to keep the herd in place. As such, these dogs require a bit more space than a “regular-size” dog would need to comfortably coexist with their humans. Their gentle nature and ability to learn quickly make them a suitable companion for a writing expert who needs peace for concentration as well as someone to keep the children amused during work.

Brussels Griffon

Bred to chase rodents, these dogs are always on their toes, ready to defend their family. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to socialize your pet from an early age and teach them to be accustomed to children.  This was you will have a loving friend who enjoys playing with adults and children, alike.

Basset Hound

Although a hunting breed, Basset is a slow-paced, playful, and loyal up to a fault for its’ family. They don't grow a lot, which makes them a perfect lapdog for kids, and since they are so cuddly, your pet will also enjoy the time playing with the kids.

Golden Retriever

Everyone’s favorite, Golden retriever is a playful, friendly and gentle which makes it a perfect addition to a family with children. It begs for attention and enjoys every bit of love you send its way. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environment, they have a mild temper and don't have any problem socializing.

Boston Terrier

Extremely intelligent and easy to train Boston Terriers will learn almost anything, and provide a safe companionship to children. Try to keep them away from your paperwork though or you’ll have to hire superior paper or some other online agency to meet your deadline as these sturdy creatures like to attract attention in any possible manner.

Labrador Retriever

By far one of the most beautiful dog breeds in whole existence, Labrador Retrievers are also extremely intelligent and loyal pups. Large as they grow, Labs still represent a great companion for kids because of their gentle nature and calm spirit. However, if you take them out on the beach, be ready to watch them lead the charge towards the water as this breed has a history of assisting fishermen.


Another hunting breed on the list, however, like Basset these dogs are also true friends and eager to play with both children and adults, alike. They don’t grow very much, yet they are not among the smallest dogs you might consider as a pet. Always full of energy, a Beagle will never avoid the children’s need for a playmate.


Hope you enjoyed our list and found a perfect match for your family. We tried to point out the safest choices for your loved ones, but also offer friendly and playful breeds that you can enjoy spending time with. We took into consideration the ability to learn, adapt to different environment and loyalty.


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